Makes me sick at the Spectator

Simon Hoggart, convener of the Spectator magazine wine club, seems to have had a recent rush of SA blood to the brain.  Cape Point Sauvignon Blanc 2010 last month, Rustenberg Schoongezicht 2010 this.  But in the charming colonial way of the home counties, Si can’t resist swatting the natives on the solar topee with the comment it “has a displeasing name but is in fact delectable.”

SolaTopee 300x242 Makes me sick at the Spectator

Another Simon, Rustenberg seigneur Simon Barlow, confirms that “makes me sick” is how they pronounce Schoongezicht in Mayfair clubs, in estuary English of course.  But to show how funny names can be, Si ends his tasting note with a killer punch “this is the wine that FromVineyardsDirect’s Esme Johnstone drinks at home.”  The Esme he refers to, is in fact a man.