Spanish King hands Amarula a Nando’s-sized marketing opportunity

The accident prone Spanish King Juan-Carlos (he killed his brother in a “shooting accident” while still a teenager) and his ill-fated Elephant hunt has handed Amarula a right royal marketing opportunity.  The $2000-a-day great white hunter with a perm Jeff Rann (show below with the King) is quoted by The Guardian “You have to manage the world’s animal populations, to their betterment.  We are trying to improve their habitat.”  So are Amarula parent Distell, who have shelled out over R4 million to SA researchers to study Elephant overcrowding – or population dynamics in ecologyspeak.  Amarula has so far managed to keep a clumsy Spanish monarch out of it.

jc1 300x180 Spanish King hands Amarula a Nando’s sized marketing opportunity

Distell should hire Nando’s unbeatable advertising agency to whip up a suitable ad and dispatch a bottle of Amarula to HRH to aid his recovery after falling over and breaking his hip on the hunt.  A plastic toy elephant should be detached to the King’s grandson Froilán Marichalar (13) who, following in his oupa’s footsteps, shot himself in the foot recently.  As indeed the King also seems to have done.