CWG Auction Kicks Off

Two possible auction rainmakers met over breakfast this morning: Alan Pick from the legendary Butchers’ Shop & Grill in Jo’burg and René Dehn, president of the White Club, a private members club focused on top end wine. While natural rain has so far held off from Spier, a torrent of bids is expected with CWG chair Jeff Grier expressing confidence that last year’s haul of R5.7 million would be surpassed.

IMG 1127 168x300 CWG Auction Kicks Off

Alan is being ably supported by son Dani (below) with a branch of his Butchers’ Shop & Grill opening in Mouille Point early next year. Alan is convening a meeting of Cape wine estate owners in an attempt to get over his contention that restaurant BYO is killing fine wine. Probably one of the few things René will agree on.

IMG 1126 168x300 CWG Auction Kicks Off

A titanic struggle between René and Alan is expected. Let the fun begin.