Brandy Bar Bombshell

Those who can distil brandy. Those who can’t, design brandy bars. Some good news from Fine Brandies by Design.

Dear Neil Pendock,

On behalf of Fine Brandy. By Design, we are excited to announce that your Design submission for the Fine Brandy Bar Design Initiative has been shortlisted. You are now in the running for a top 15 placement.

Our judges are now consolidating this shortlist, and will be announcing the Top 15 in the coming days. In anticipation of these results, please save the date of Friday the 1st of November 2013, as the selected top 15 will be required to present their projects to the judges at the Fine Brandy Design Conference in Cape Town.

Should you be one of the 15 successful designers in making the top 15, please note that your travel requirements will be handled by Fine Brandy.

bar Brandy Bar Bombshell

Just hope I can get the work permits for the Ladyboys in time!