Whale Saddles @ Paul Smith

The notorious Whale Cottage blogger surfaced at Fine Brandy Fusion last night and was widely papped.

fat1 Whale Saddles @ Paul Smith

I was dismayed to see a change of colour to a Camps Bay cobolt – could this be the cover of the next Platter wine label guide? – as I’d spent a lot of effort to persuade Paul Smith to design a special reinforced bicycle saddle (below) to help beefy bloggers keep in shape. They are available from the Paul Smith shop on Bree Street – corner of Wale, naturally. Of course the Blue Whale is largest of all cetaceans and as the diet is obviously not working, Whale HQ probably downgraded him from pink to Blue.

IMG 3268 615x461 Whale Saddles @ Paul Smith

My inspiration for the original cerise colour for the Whale SaddleTM  came from a sighting at Delaire Graff late last year.

IMG 1754 576x1024 Whale Saddles @ Paul Smith

Now the whale on a bicycle would be a sight to see and good promotion for his hairy guest houses, too. After all, cycling is the new golf.