Studies Show Drinking Coffee Before Wine Will Reduce Hangover

Red wine and coffee are my two favorite beverages, hands down.


Swimming In Alcohol At This Wine Spa Is The Perfect Way To Drown Your Sorrows

It’s been an emotionally taxing day for an overwhelming number of Americans who are less than pleased with the outcome of the presidential election.


People Are Making Christmas Trees With Empty Wine Bottles, So Drink Up

I'm dreaming of a white wine Christmas.


Why You Should Always Go For The Girl Who Drinks Red Wine

I’ve always been a fan of red wine. Any malbec, pinot noir or red blend has a fast pass to the top of my choice drink list.


What Every Wine Lover Needs To Know In Order To Crush Date Night

I’m always looking for dating tips in relation to drinking. Because, let’s be real, dating usually entails meeting for a drink (as much as we may not always want it to) or drinking through dinner.


How to order wine on a date when you know nothing

Despite the hoards of articles online touting “Fun Date Ideas That Have Nothing To Do With Drinking,” let’s be realistic… most dates you go on in your 20s will involve alcohol.


Honest wine labels reveal the harsh truths about our drinking habits

There are not many things in life women love more than wine.


Why Champagne Drinkers Make The Best Lovers

I come from a lineage with deep-seated roots in everything champagne. The women of my family have been drinking champagne in all their glory from generation to generation, thus the sweet, ever-sifting bubbles run in unison with the blood of my veins.


There Are 2 Types Of Women: Red Wine Drinkers And White Wine Drinkers

Women and wine go together like melted chocolate and strawberries. It’s one of the most sacred, functional relationships known to man.


10 Reasons Why You Should Always Go For The Girl Who Drinks Whiskey

You can tell a lot about people by their drink choice.

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