Meet the man who quit heroin and became a fruit juice millionaire

As Khalil Rafati overdosed on heroin for the ninth time the paramedics frantically tried to save his life.


The Untouchable Red Bull Heir In Thailand

The heir of the energy drink empire who struck and killed a police officer has yet to face charges.


Police Investigating ‘human Waste In Coca Cola Cans’

Police are investigating after what appeared to be human waste was found in cans at a Coca Cola factory.


Is It Safe To Drink Fanta And Sprite In Nigeria?

A recent court case in Nigeria highlights concerns that locally made drinks may be considered unsafe for human consumption.


The politics of the office tea round

Coffee drinking could be overtaking the office tea round as workers search for a caffeine jolt, but the hunt for a clean tea mug still continues in many offices.


For Beer-loving Cyclists

For beer-living cyclists, a collection of clever hops haulers, from a simple six-pack strap to an 11-seat pedal-powered pub.

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Siberian wine could be coming to a table near you – BBC News

Siberia is a byword for freezing, hostile winters - but now a group of winemakers have beaten the chill to produce promising red and white wines.


A glass of beer makes people more sociable, study finds

Researchers from Switzerland have confirmed what most of us already know – drinking a single glass of beer can make people more sociable.


Finland to free up strict drinking laws

Finns will be able to get a round in after 'one portion per order' rule is axed.


This charity wants you to chat about death over a cup of tea and a slice of cake

For many of us death is the last great unmentionable subject.

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