Anthony Bourdain On Whiskey, Rosé and Why He Says No To Tequila Shots

Anthony Bourdain knows a thing or two about a good drink. He’s eaten and imbibed his way around the world, taking hungry viewers with him, most recently on Parts Unknown.


Your White Wine Habit Might Be The Reason You Have This Skin Condition

Wine is many things. Your knight in shining armour at the end of a long, hard day at the office. The most luxurious, if not wasteful, spa treatment in all the land.


Finally, A Wine Glass That Conforms To Your Face

If you’ve ever watched the opening credits to Knocked Up and thought, “That gas mask bong is cool, but I wish you could put wine in it,” then you had a relatable thought. Designer James Piatt is now attempting to Kickstart the “wine glass mask,” which is basically a gas mask for wine.


How long does it take for wine to go bad?

I have a bad habit of letting open wine sit in my fridge or on my counter without being able to throw it away — you never know when you might need it for cooking or sipping!


Never go out of style, she said? Taylor Swift’s Favorite Cocktail is Diet Coke and Vodka.

We've been getting lots of juicy details about Taylor Swift thanks to her May Vogue cover story, and the revelations aren't done yet. As part of the magazine's 73 Questions series, a pre-bleach job


How Your Partner’s Coffee Habit Could Affect Your Pregnancy

As strong as those coffee cravings are, many women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant already know the advice to seriously limit their Starbucks runs.


How to taste coffee like a pro

Until recently, I had no idea that professional coffee tasting even existed.


This Pointless Beer Glass Is Actually Kind Of Awesome

I always have trouble finishing my pint of beer before it gets warm and gross.

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This Scratch-N-Sniff Wine Book Will Get Your Nose Drunk…On Knowledge

If you can’t tell a good wine from a bad one, don’t worry — neither can most professional wine tasters. In fact, several studies have shown that the very subjective art of rating wines is more than just imperfect.

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