Fanta Orange Has Changed And Some Fizzy Drink Fans Are Not Happy

SOFT drink fans are in a fizz over Fanta Orange after a major shake-up. A new lower sugar recipe means Fanta Orange now contains 33 per cent less sugar, but shoppers are unhappy with the new taste,…


Is Diet Coke Better For You Than The Full Fat Version? The Truth May Surprise You

MANY Brits will reach for a diet alternative to their favourite fizzy drink because they assume this swap is better for their health. But is drinking Diet Coke or Pepsi Max actually equally as dama…


From Your Waistline To Your Ticker, We Pit Coke Against Diet Coke To Reveal What’s Really Better For You

IT?S no state secret, regularly downing a full-fat Coke is not the healthiest of life choices. Armed with the info, chances are you will save a Coca Cola for treat day and opt for the diet st…


Kendall Jenner Looks Relaxed As She Puts Pepsi Backlash Behind Her

KENDALL Jenner continued to put her Pepsi ad controversy behind her as she stepped out with bestie Hailey Baldwin today. The pair looked too cool for school as they enjoyed a relaxed lunch date in …

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Brits are forking out 90% more for a cup of coffee compared to rest the globe

The 2016 Coffee Price Index compares the average cost of coffee from home,  the office, Starbucks and an independent coffee shop for 75 countries across the world.


Leicester Captain Wes Morgan’s Champions League Celebration In Nod To Personal Endorsement Deal

LEICESTER captain Wes Morgan celebrated his Champions League goal with a cheeky product placement for his personal sponsor. Morgan scored the crucial opening goal as the Foxes turned around a first…


Tesco To Axe 30 Popular Heineken Beer Brands Including Amstel, Sol And Tiger From Shelves

TESCO has axed more than half of its Heineken beer and cider products, in a stand against the brewer?s planned price hikes in the wake of Brexit. The supermarket giant is now stocking just 22…


This Is Why You Should Order The Cheapest Bottle Of Wine On The Menu

WHEN you are in a restaurant or bar often your gaze naturally falls on the cheapest wine first. But many people avoid this option so they don’t seem stingy and as they think it won?t taste as…

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Phillip Schofield Takes Trip Of A Lifetime To South Africa With Wife Stephanie For Itv

IT?S nice work, if you can get it: This Morning host Phillip Schofield headed off on a dream holiday to South Africa to film his adventures for segments on This Morning. The entire show, Scho…


This Grim Experiment Will Make You Think Twice About Drinking Coca Cola Ever Again

THE grim reality of just how bad Coke is for you has been laid bare in a new video. It shows exactly how much sugar is left behind once the water is boiled off. The experiment, shared on YouTube by…

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