Brits are forking out 90% more for a cup of coffee compared to rest the globe

The 2016 Coffee Price Index compares the average cost of coffee from home,  the office, Starbucks and an independent coffee shop for 75 countries across the world.

The results show that across the UK we are paying between £1.43 and £1.62 for our fix – compared to just 84p in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro was cheapest worldwide, costing just 84p on average – 35 times cheaper than the most city –  Zurich in Switzerland where a cup costs £2.92.

In the UK, the cheapest city to buy a cup of Joe is Dundee, where it’s £1.43 on average – and, unsurprisingly, London is last in the UK, costing £1.62.

Starbucks prices were also notably cheaper in South America – with a coffee from the chain only £1.21 compared to London’s price of £2.80. But that’s nothing compared to Zurich, where a single cup will set you back a whopping £5.72.