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Unusual Wine Tasting Experiences in South Africa

It goes without saying that no trip to the Cape is complete without a visit to one of its many wine estates.


SipCaddy Lets You Drink Wine In The Shower

The time has finally come. In an era when you can haul a wine-dispensing purse anywhere you have to go, where you can buy spiked acrylic glasses that stand up in the sand at the beach, the world has been long overdue for a convenient way to sip while you suds up.


Hurricane Irma Sparks Rescue Mission for Rare Wines

When news broke that the catastrophic and deadly Hurricane Irma would begin slamming Florida this weekend, some residents hired emergency response teams to safely evacuate their expensive wine collections, according to Reuters.


Texas Wineries Unscathed By Hurricane Harvey

Vintners in the Hill Country region finished harvest just days ahead of the storm; now many are helping with relief efforts.

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Sir Richard Branson survives Hurricane Irma by staying in his wine cellar

Richard Branson’s son said they had survived Hurricane Irma as they hunkered down in the wine cellar on Necker island, but it had destroyed a lot of the buildings.


Petrus grants Great Domaines distribution rights in South Africa

A momentous day has arrived in the ongoing professional development of Great Domaines as a fine wine importer. Our first allocation from Petrus arrived at the Great Domaines cellars this past week.


Things To Remember When Hosting A Wine and Cheese Party

Wine and cheese parties are an essential part of the wine culture.


Everything You Need To Know About Pinot Grigio

The Drinks Business compiled a concise guide to one of the world’s most popular grapes, including some facts that may surprise even the most committed drinkers of Pinot Grigio.


Design your ultimate trip to South Africa with Nine Yards Travel

Nine Yards Travel was brought to existence in order to share our beautiful continent with like-minded guests who are as passionate about travelling and exploring Africa as we are.


Disney World is now selling wine slushies to adults

While Disney World is a magical experience for kids, adults can now get their kicks there too as amusement park in Florida has started selling wine slushies.

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