Science Says Wine Glasses Are 7 Times Bigger Than They Used To Be

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have discovered that the wine glass has grown exponentially in size since the 1700s. 7 times to be exact!


This Brewery Is Giving Early Investors Free Beer For Life

One of Houston's most popular breweries is raising money for a new tap room by offering investors of $1k or more free beer for life.


Legal Weed Wine Is Finally Coming To California In 2018

This Sonoma winery is swapping out alcohol in their Sauvignon Blanc for THC in order to created the first widely distributed weed wine.


The 10 Best Brewery Taprooms And Brewpubs (2017)

It was another banner year craft beer. To celebrate, VinePair polled readers and industry members to rank the best brewpubs and taprooms nationwide.


Double Knot Beer Review


Mexican-style Chocolate Stout Beer Review


F*ck Vintages: How Winemakers Are Conquering The Vintage Chart

Do you like to feel mystified, intimidated, inadequate? No? Then ditch the vintage charts for a more modern, comprehensive understanding of wine.


Why Brewers Love Brett And Winemakers Fear It

The wild yeast Brettanomyces is either heralded or verboten, depending on who you're talking to. What makes Brett so divisive?

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There Is Bacteria In Your Ice And Only Whiskey Can Kill It

You might prefer not to think about it, but there are lots of bacteria in your cocktail on the rocks. Well, there are bacteria in the ice. But if you?re drinking whiskey, you may be better off than yo


Captain Morgan Is Selling A “christmas Story” Inspired Leg Lamp

Captain Morgan is capitalizing on the popularity of "A Christmas Story" with a leg lamp that features the iconic Captain pose and only 5 are available.

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