This Puppy Can Balance A Wine Glass On His Nose [photos]

That's right, your best wine drinking buddy isn't actually your closest girlfriend or colleague at work-- he actually has four legs and a tail.


Someone Invented An Espresso-making Phone Case

An Italian company is working on creating a phone case that makes an espresso shot inside of the case. It's probably a bad idea.


10 Incredible Wine Destinations To Visit Across American This Summer

Who says you have to leave the country to go on an unforgettable, wine-soaked getaway? We live in a country that?s brimming with breathtaking wine regions


This Is Why The Classic British Pub Wont Make It In America

When Americans go to an English pub, what do they think? Is it as much fun as it seems, sliding into a big wooden booth, flagging down an old barkeep?


Lattes Inside Avocados, Or ‘avolattes,’ Are Now A Thing

This is the ?avolatte," a latte served inside half an avocado. Welcome to 2017, the year that avocado officially peaked as the ultimate food for hipsters.


Angry French Winemakers Block Spanish Border In Wine Protest

Nearly 200 angry winemakers in the South of France staged a roadblock at a toll on the French-Spanish border in protest of Spanish wine.


Woman Finds Out Why You Shouldn’t Leave Bad Tripadvisor Reviews In England

If you leave a bad review online about a restaurant or bar while traveling in England, you may be sued and have to prove yourself in court.


The Beer Ingredient That’s More Important Than Hops

When considering the flavors in a craft beer, it?s easy to be enamored by the hops. But there's another ingredient you should care about: yeast.


The History Of The Buffet, An American Institution

Excess and America have always played in the same sandbox. When all is said and done, what is more American than the almighty buffet?


Three Cocktails To Make Now That Clearly Canadian Is Back

Hipsters and Brooklynites have been on a (nearly unexplainable) La Croix and sparkling water binge for years now. But that may be about to change. Clearly Canadian ? the cult sparkling water of the 19

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