Are We Trying Too Hard To Make Champagne Bars Happen?

A hip fleet of Champagne bars are opening across the nation, but with a single-minded focus on a luxury product, are they sustainable?


An Illustrated Guide To Pinot Noir From California

California Pinot Noir shot to fame in the mid-2000s, but how well do you really know it? Test yourself with VinePair's illustrated guide to Cali Pinot Noir.


This New Guinness Brew Celebrates Their 200th Year In America

Guinness has been in America for 200 years, and the company is celebrating with a new edition of its classic stout. Here's how it tastes.


Airline Sued For Serving Sparkling Wine Instead Of Champagne

Champagne on a plane is a nice touch. But what happens when that Champagne actually turns out to be generic sparkling wine? Lawsuits.

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Want To Learn A Foreign Language? Science Says Have A Drink

A new study suggests that a drink or two can help you speak a foreign language that you're just learning and are uncomfortable with.


What Do The Wine Country Fires Mean For Napa And Sonoma Wine?

As Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino vintners begin to rebuild after devastating wildfires, what does this mean for their world-renowned wines?


Wine Is About To Get More Expensive

Wine prices are on the rise thanks to a multitude of factors like climate change and natural disaster. Here's why your wine will be more expensive.


Drinkstagrammers Are Transforming Cocktail Culture Without Stepping Behind The Bar

Instagram has changed the way people interact. It?s made stars out of everyday people, propped up an entire influencer market, and can even be used to detect when someone became clinically depressed.

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Why Does Maker’s Mark Spell Whisky Without An ‘e’?

When it comes to spelling out the difference between whisky and whiskey, most American companies use an "e." Maker's Mark goes its own way.


Every State?s Best Craft Brewery, According To American Homebrewers

Regions have a lot of pride in their hometown breweries. But with so many craft breweries in the country (more than 5,000 now), picking a favorite or must-visit brewery can be hard. Nevertheless, Zymu

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