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This South African Distillery Just Created The Strongest Gin In The World

Only 11 days ago Scottish distillery, Twin River Distillery, unveiled the world’s strongest gin. The Naked Gun ‘Uncut’ Edition, of which only 101 bottles were made, grabbed the headlines with it’s 77% alcohol content, but its reign will be short lived.


How Much Water You Should Actually Drink

Is eight glasses of day what you should be drinking?


How to make a Gin Berry Muddle

Doesn’t this look like the perfect recipe for an after work drink with your favourite people?


This Little Attachment Adds Creamy Foam To Cocktails Or Beer — Congrats, You’re A Mixologist Now

Put the party in every drink, even if the party sucks.


A Beginner’s Guide To Wine Expertise

Wine Spectator contributing editor Matt Kramer offers advice for tasting wine, talking about wine, and ordering off a restaurant wine list.


Zombie Wine Has Livelier Labels!

Yep, there's a Walking Dead wine. And the bottles come alive.


Wine, Etc.: Use Of Oak Affects Fruit Character Of Cabernet Sauvignon

We just went through a bunch of Napa cabernet sauvignon. Here are some of our favorites.


Curb Appeal: Denver Winemakers Are Amphora-aging Sparklers In A Suburban Strip Mall

Marko and Ivanka Copic are creating award-winning wines in an unexpected place: a strip mall 25 miles outside of Denver, Colorado.


Study Says Alcohol More Important Than Exercise For Living Into Your 90s

In a ten-year study of nearly 2,000 people, participants who drink beer and wine are likelier to live past 90 than those with seemingly "healthier" habits.


This Flying Jet Ski Blows Boring Boats Out Of The Water

You won't believe the flips this thing can do.


Where To Drink Coffee In Seoul’s Hongdae Neighborhood

A coffee drinker's guide to the Hongdae neighborhood of Seoul, South Korea.


Six Charitably-minded Beers To Drink For A Good Cause

Beer and community go hand in hand. These six beers brewed in partnership with charitable organizations prove that you can give back, one beer at a time.


This Is Us Star To Talk About Body Image At Elisa Project Luncheon

Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate on NBC's hit TV series This is Us, will discuss body image with Kimberly Schlegel Whitman at an Elisa Project luncheon...


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