People In Japan Are Rubbing Wasabi On Their Head To Try Stimulate Hair Growth

Not your classic sushi paste, though.


English Wine Week Is The Perfect Time To Toast Our Burgeoning Wine Industry

English vineyards have been quietly taking over the countryside.


Spicy Skittles And Starburst Are Coming

The internet aren't sure what to make of the new flavours.


Pink Pineapples Are Back And They’re More Instagrammable Than Ever

A definite improvement on regular pineapples.

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Heroic Teens Are Wearing Croissants Instead Or Corsages To Their Proms

Stylish and practical.


20 Of The Best Peanut Butters Ranked From Classic To Out Of This World

When smooth and crunchy are just not enough.


There’s A New Anti-ageing Gin But We’re Just Not That Convinced

The gimmick is getting tiring.


The Number Of Calories In The Dominos Garlic & Herb Dip Is Horrifying

That tiny pot has more calories than TWO MCDONALD'S CHEESEBURGERS.


The Uk’s First Vegan Kebab Is Opening A Second Permanent Branch In Shoreditch

And they're hoping it'll encourage people to be meat free more often.


Want A Date To Go Well? Take Them For Fried Chicken And A Bloody Mary

And vegan food is the second most likely to lead to a date.

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