5 Alternatives To Guinness And Jameson For St. Patrick’s Day

Looking for a bit o' the Irish? Try something different this year.


Corona Launches Its First New Beer In 29 Years

Corona Premier has fewer calories and carbs than Corona or Corona Light.


A Tequila Shortage Could Be On The Horizon

A worsening agave shortage is causing price spikes in the tequila industry and could lead to shortages even among major manufacturers. Agave is the key ingredient in making the alcoholic beverage.


Dogfish Head’s New Beer Contains The Same Ingredients As Mace Pepper Spray

"In Your Mace" was brewed for Beer Advocate's "Extreme Beer Fest."


There`s a Secret Collectible Sticker on Every Label of Sailor Jerry Rum

If you’re a regular Sailor Jerry drinker, there’s a good chance you’ve been accidentally throwing out a collectible sticker every time you finish a bottle of the rum.


Budweiser’s New Super Bowl Has Nothing To Do With Beer

But it'll make you cry


There’s A Secret Sticker On Every Label Of Sailor Jerry’s Rum

The collectible Normal Collins tattoo sticker is located behind the bottle's label


The Owner Of Corona Beer Just Made A Bet On Legal Marijuana

"It’s probably not worth getting in a big debate right now about whether it’s cannibalistic or complementary."


Budweiser Is Going Back To The Prohibition Era For Its New Beer

Its new beer hasn't been brewed since 1933.


Could Cannabis-Infused Beer Be the Next IPA?

Marijuana and beer have always had a connection. Hops plants and cannabis are members of the same genus and have a closely related molecular structure. (And we won’t even get into how many brewers like to sample both.)

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