Budweiser Is Going Back To The Prohibition Era For Its New Beer

Its new beer hasn't been brewed since 1933.


Could Cannabis-Infused Beer Be the Next IPA?

Marijuana and beer have always had a connection. Hops plants and cannabis are members of the same genus and have a closely related molecular structure. (And we won’t even get into how many brewers like to sample both.)


Pepsi Must Readjust Its Health Push For Now

The company took too much ad money and shelf space away from its sodas.


Why Budweiser Is Offering 150,000 Free Round-trip Lyft Rides O

It's part of the beer giant's "Give a Damn" program.


Budweiser Is Expanding Sales Of Its Non-alcoholic Beer

The non-alcoholic Budweiser is already on sale in Canada, and will soon be available in the UK.


Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye Is It’s First New Recipe Since Prohibition

The 150-year-old distillery's new Tennesse Rye is unlike anything it's made before.


A Beginner’s Guide To Celebrating National Rum Day

With help from a Master Blender.


National Ice Cream Sandwich Day Is Here! Cool Off With These Sweet Deals

Celebrate a cool holiday.


Patron Takes A Shot On New Tequila For First Time in 25 Years

While there have been plenty of one-off, limited releases from the Patron Spirits Company over the years, it has been a quarter century since the tequila giant has rolled out a new year-round offering for its core product line.


Budweiser’s New Beer Cans Celebrate The States Where It’s Brewed

This Bud's for you, New Jersey. (Or Texas. Or California. Or Georgia.)

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