11 Tips To Making The Ultimate Beef Burger

A well-made beef burger is a thing of beauty!  The balance of bread, using a good quality beef patty, cooking and preparation techniques, and final assembly are all important to get right.  

National Burger Day

The 28th May is National Burger Day and The Bakery at Jordan are celebrating with two burger specials!

  • “The Prospector” Burger with a 375ml draught of House Beer for R160
  • Having lunch with a friend? Indulge in “The Prospector” Burger with a bottle of Jordan “The Prospector” Syrah for R420

Chef Thys Esterhuysen from The Bakery at Jordan shares his tops tips on how he creates his ultimate burger, “The Prospector” Burger.

 11 Tips To Making The Ultimate Beef Burger
Chef Thys Esterhuysen
  1. Use good quality meat to make your beef patty.  He finds the best is a combination to be 80% lean beef to 20% fatty beef and a course ground is best. There is no need to add any binding agents like egg or breadcrumbs.
  2. Create your patty mixture with some fried onions, garlic and rosemary from the garden.  Watch out and don’t season the mixture with salt and pepper! Only season the patty, edges too, before you put it on the grill. Adding salt within the mixture will extract the moisture from the meat and leave you with a dry patty.
  3. Make your burger patties in advance and put them in the fridge, they will then have time to set and won’t fall apart when cooking.  Don’t forget to let them warm to room temperature before adding to the grill!
  4. Make sure your grill is hot and has been well covered with oil.
  5. Don’t flip your burger too early… have patience!  Move them as little as possible, this will reduce the chance of breaking up.
  6. However tempting, don’t press down on the burger to make it cook faster, the flavour developed during seasoning is lost through fluid loss.
  7. Having a good quality bun is essential.  We use a brioche bun, it is rich, buttery and utterly delicious!
  8. Add cheese to the top of the burger whilst it is on the grill and let it melt until it is wonderfully oozy.  We use good old boerenkaas on “The Prospector” Burger. It is a pungent, flavourful cheese which melts well and compliments the sweetness of the shiraz onions we add.
  9. Let the burger patty rest! Rest it for one or two minutes on the grill which allows excess fluid to drain away, and then let it rest for one or two minutes further on the bun itself.  The sear on the patty will keep the moisture in. This resting time allows the juices to be reabsorbed back into the fibres. Missing this step will result in your first bite of burger seeing juices running down your neck.
  10. Don’t add too many toppings to your burger.  All you need is cos lettuce, which has great structure and crunch, tomato and perhaps some grilled onions.  Our shiraz onions are legendary! A slice or two of gherkin also adds necessary acidity which cuts through the fattiness of the meat.
  11. Once your burger is compiled, serve with a full bodied red wine.  A red wine has robust flavours and structure, and is able to cut through the grease of the patty and all the extra toppings you have added.
 11 Tips To Making The Ultimate Beef Burger

“The Prospector” Burger from The Bakery at Jordan, is served with a glass of The Prospector Shiraz, and is one of the bestselling combos from the estate.  The wine has notes of peppered charcuterie, chipotle and red fruits that lends itself to a variety of meat-based dishes and cooking techniques.  This combination is a winner!

Try it for yourself at The Bakery?

The burger specials will be running from 25th to the 28th May in celebration of Burger Day on the 28th of May:

“The Prospector” Burger with a 375ml draught of House Beer for R160, or if you are celebrating with a friend, why not each enjoy a “The Prospector” Burger with a bottle of The Prospector Syrah for R420!

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