3 DIY Wine racks that are easy to make

DIY Wine Racks are great projects for adding a touch of unique and handmade to your home. Whether you have a dedicated bar area in your home or you are still planning to create one, we bet you will find creative inspirations from these DIY wine racks. They are easy and cheap to make and will add a touch of personality to your home.

 PVC pipes

This is a great DIY wine rack that is not only cheap but easy to make, too. The materials you will need are a 4-inch PVC pipe, paint, and velcro strips.


Not only will you be making a unique wine rack, you’re being eco-friendly, too. The best part, however, is the fact that this one is incredibly easy to assemble. Basically, you clean the cans, glue them together, and paint!

Pallet Shelve

Pallets turned into wine rack? Yes, it can be done; THAT is how versatile pallets are. After you construct the shelf, several layers of paint will look fantastic. Wood stain will work too.