3 ULTRA cool wine racks

Storage is an important consideration for wine that is being kept for long-term aging. While most wine is consumed within 24 hours of purchase, fine wines are often set aside for long-term storage. The ULTRA wine racks will definitely add some style to your wine cellar.

Recycled Record Wine Rack

recycled record wine rack 310x233 3 ULTRA cool wine racks

If you are old enough to have experienced the raw sound quality of the classic vinyl record, then you will without a doubt appreciate this handmade wine rack created by Karen Dengler. The wine rack is made from seven vinyl record albums that have been warped together and bonded with super glue. It can be used as a modern day magazine or towel rack. You can even hang it up on the wall as a piece of nostalgic art. The sky is the limit for this creatively recycled item.

The Hanging Wine Rack

hanging wine rack 310x233 3 ULTRA cool wine racks

Save some space with this Lluvia wine rack by Edgar Navarro.

Grow your own wine rack

grow your own rack 300x300 3 ULTRA cool wine racks

Created by artist and designer Lois Walpole, this wine rack is grown from 22 lengths of willow and then takes two to three years before the growing willow grafts together. Eventually, it can be harvested and brought indoors. The wine rack holds up to 10 bottles.

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