5 Drinks Every College Student Needs to Try Before They Graduate

College is about getting high grades while having a good time! So, as much as your parents want to make it academic exclusively, there are some opportunities that you cannot miss before you graduate. College means having fun, making new friends, hanging out with people that you barely know; so, it also means dressing cool and trying on new drinks! Denying that this is not part of college is like denying that LeBron isn’t one of the coolest basketball players in all history. 

So, this is an article for those of you who want to try out new drinks and have some fun while at college parties or open bars. Next time you are bored with sipping on beer or cheap box wine, try out these five drinks that will set your night on fire. 

Whiskey Sour

Don’t believe me until you try it, but this might be one of the best drinks that you can have at a college part. Why? Because everyone knows that whiskey is an all-time finder – and mixing it with lemon juice, maple syrup, and bourbon will only make it better. If the party throwers have a cocktail shaker, make sure you mix these ingredients together. Combine them with ice and shake for about twenty seconds or more. You can garnish the drink with cherries or orange wheels for the best outcomes. You can get Whiskey Sour single or double but whatever you choose, I am sure you will enjoy its sour taste.

Rum & Coke

Another tasty drink to enjoy on a Friday night is Rum & Coke. Now I know that this might be quite convenient for you or you might have heard about it before, but if you haven’t tried it, college is the time. It will literally take you three minutes to make if you have all the ingredients that you need. The great part is that this drink is satisfying and delicious, even if prep time is so short.  You will need about two ounces of rum and four ounces of Coke – mix them together in a highball glass. Then fill the glass with ice and keep adding Coke, depending on how strong you want your drink to be. You can garnish it with a lime wedge!

Jungle Juice 

This alcoholic punch is great for parties and special occasions, so we decided to include it in your must-tries. You could make as much as five gallons of Jungle Juice for all of your friends at the party – this way, you won’t have to deal with the nasty alcohol served there. This is easy to make and doesn’t require bartender skills, so here’s how to. You will need vodka, rum, lemonade, fruit punch cranberry juice, O.J, club soda, and fresh fruit such as strawberries and oranges. Out of the entire punch, about 20-30% will be alcoholic, while the rest will taste like normal juice. Mix all the ingredients in a three- or five-gallon pitcher, letting it sit for about a night. The next day, this super tasty drink is ready to be consumed!

Tip: if you don’t have enough time to finish your schoolwork or plan the party drinks ahead of time and scream, “write my law essay!” inside of your head while partying, you should consider getting help. It is no embarrassment having someone specialized helping you out. In the end, balancing school life with assignments is important. You must have some fun but also stay on top of your work, right?  


Fireball is one of students’ favorite drinks because it is strong and gets the job done. You could have Fireball shots if you feel brave – if you don’t and prefer to go lighter, you could create various cocktails and shots using Fireball. Some of the most common recipes include the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Shot, the Apple Pie on the Rocks, the Chai Fireball Whiskey Tea, the Cinnamon Old Fashioned, or the Foolproof fall Cocktail. Remember that Fireball is 33% alcohol, so make sure that if you do shots, you count them! Not to be a party pooper but having more than two in less than an hour can be really dangerous for your well-being and for the other people around you.

Cuba Libre

Another popular recipe to make in college is Cuba Libre. This simple drink is exactly what you need if Rum & Coke sounds too simple – for something more exquisite, Cuba Libre is your go-to. You need the exact same ingredients – two ounces of rum and four ounces of Coke. Mix them together and add lime juice to it. Make sure you squeeze enough lime juice to make your drink tasty enough. You can modify the alcohol content by adding more or less Coke to the mix. Another important difference between Rum & Coke and Cuba Libre is the lime, which can add to the lightness or heaviness of the drink. 


Make sure that you try all these rinks before graduating if you want to have a real college experience! I mean, don’t get me wrong – if you don’t drink at all, you mustn’t force yourself to try all these. But if you do, here is your chance to explore the best college party drinks there are! Ensure that you stay safe and sound and have someone to drive you back home. As someone once told me, drink sensibly but get weird!

Author Bio

Bobbie Sanchez is a blogger and young adult author. His job is to teach students how to succeed academically while having enough time for themselves. Bobbie’s passions include skydiving, rollerblading, and swimming.