A Visit to the Makers of Leleshwa Wines

………. So, it’s 11:30 am, we are by the side of the road just outside Naivasha town; a police man with my driving license in hand. Our appointment to visit Rift Valley Winery had been for 11 but clearly we weren’t going to make it.

I had opted to break a speeding limit, or two, in an attempt not to be tardy, but… Yeah… Here we were. I’m sure there’s a moral lesson to be learnt somewhere there.

I picked up the phone and dialled “Emma’s” number as instructed. I was to explain our predicament and push back our appointment further. As soon as she picked up the phone, I begun apologising vehemently like a kid that knows they’ve done serious wrong. However, all she was worried about was if we were alright and that we weren’t in too much trouble.

Luckily, an overzealous lawyer with a much lower speeding infringement than mine had also been pulled over at the same time. She somehow managed to enrage the cops to the point that they let us off with a mere warning to avail themselves enough time to deal with her. OH HAPPY DAY! It seemed nothing was destined to ruin this perfect day. We were quickly back on the road, doing 30 k’s below the limit. My day had begun at 4 a.m; excitement chasing away all shreds of sleep. “Since I am up, I may as well see what’s out there about the farm.” I thought…. or maybe I’d wanted to impress them with just how much I already knew…. Who knows; it was 4 and I couldn’t go back to sleep… It could have been worse icon wink A Visit to the Makers of Leleshwa Wines .

Their official website is a single page of their Shiraz Label with their email address at the bottom. I was rather intrigued; it gave this air of mystery and brass that “It’s all up to you if you are interested.” My search uncovered a vast array of press articles, majority of which was on their history. As to the people now on the ground and what was happening now, I hadn’t the faintest idea…

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