Bizarre Wine and Egg Diet Plan from the 70’s Resurfaces

The 70’s was a strange place for health and fitness. Low-fat diets were all the rage, as were bizarre home ‘fat burning’ contraptions and Jane Fonda workout videos.

Behold, Vogue’s ‘wine and eggs’ diet, promising women they’d lose 2.5kg in three days while consuming a bottle of wine a day.

Taken from the 1977 Vogue Body and Beauty Book, the crash diet instructs readers to consume wine with every meal – even breakfast!

As for the meals, eggs and steak are the only items on the menu, washed down with a bottle of Chablis and lots of black coffee.

According to couch.nine, the three-day diet plan is as follows:

Breakfast: one hard-boiled egg, one glass of dry white wine (preferably Chablis or another dry white), one black coffee

Lunch: two hard-boiled eggs, two glasses of wine, one black coffee

Dinner: one 150g steak, the rest of the bottle of wine, one black coffee

Sounds like my kinda diet!