Booze in baby bottles: A hipster fad too far?

Punters in a Paris bar have been spotted drinking wine from baby bottles, a sign that novelty food and drink apparatus has gone too far.

The general public has just about come to terms with a section of the culinary world’s insistence that your dinner must be served on anything but a plate – slate, a trowel, a shoe – but the sight of fully grown adults drinking booze from baby bottles still has the power to unsettle.

Captioned by Instagrammer theothernicryan, who took the photo, as the “worst thing I saw in Paris”, this shot of people drinking what appears to be white wine or cocktails from baby bottles is a sign that gimmickry in the food and drinks industry have gone too far.

“A little restaurant full of people drinking actual drinks from baby bottles,” wrote theothernicryan. “Stood outside for about five minutes to make sure it wasn’t some prank or filming for a French version of Nathan Barley [see video below]. It wasn’t.

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