Could William Shatner be the next big thing in wine?

Some of us grew-up watching Captain Kirk “boldly go where no man has gone before”, zipping around the galaxy.

Now William Shatner might be the next big thing in wine tasting. His Brown Bag Wine Tasting episodes on ORA.TV are one-on-one videos that have him sitting down with a person where they talk about that person’s job and life. After the talk, William pours his guest and himself a bit of wine that’s wrapped in a brown bag and then has the guest talk about that wine in terminology of the career they do.

This week’s episode has Motorcycle enthusiast, James Reddick who describes the wine in motorcycle terms like horsepower, torque, brand, or even like a new or old bike. James describes the wine as ‘bold’ like a “big motorcycle… a 1500 CC motorcycle, like a Harley Davidson,” He adds that the Zinfandel from Napa Valley is ‘spicy, peppery, and takes itself a little too seriously, rides the 1200 but wants to be in the biker gang.” Shatner adds “it can’t because it’s too fancy.” James gave the 2011 Frank Family Vineyard wine an overall 91 points.