Dodgy “object” found floating in Liqui Fruit juice

If you’re currently eating anything or about to eat a meal, you might want to finish up before you get to the end of this piece. In the latest viral video to leave South Africans feeling a bit uneasy, some dodgy “object” can be seen floating in Liqui Fruit juice.

Liqui Fruit juice: What the hell is in that video?

As the weekend was coming to a close, one South African family opened up a new box of their favourite Liqui Fruit juice. They went to pour a glass and felt something moved around in the box.

A quick glance inside revealed that there was definitely something fishy going on.

In the video that emerged online, the consumer (who prefers to remain anonymous) can be seen cutting open the box to reveal a full-on “intestine-like” item.

Compete with boils and looking nauseating in general, people have been left guessing as to what the item can be.

While some have questioned the video’s legitimacy, Liqui Fruit owner Pioneer foods has confirmed that the object and juice have been collected from the consumer.


“There has been a video doing the rounds regarding what appears to be a foreign object found in one of our Liqui-Fruit 1L juices. Thank you all for making us aware of this, we appreciate your concern. We have been in direct contact with the consumer who posted the video, and the sample of the product in question will be collected to be investigated.”

“Tests have already been conducted at our factory on the retention sample kept from the production batch and did not confirm the presence of any foreign object(s). Once we have final results we will share those with you.”

As of last Wednesday afternoon, the brand is still completing the investigation and testing the individual object.


Earlier this week a video was shared of a Liqui-Fruit carton which appeared to contain a foreign object. We sent the pack to an accredited laboratory for analysis. The tests confirm that the carton itself was damaged after it had left the factory and that because of this damage, the sterility of the carton was compromised. This means that unsterile air together with micro spores entered the pack and grew into the mould which was visible.

The way we produce Liqui-Fruit, is that the juice is de-aerated (all air removed from the pack), flash pasteurised, filtered through various sifting systems and packed in aseptic conditions. When a pack/carton is undamaged, the contents remain uncompromised; but if a package becomes damaged while being transported to or from the retailer, unfortunately this can occur from time to time.