Eating To Avoid Aging: 5 Eating Habits That Will Keep You Healthy and Young

We are used to considering our diet in terms of harm and benefits for the figure. Everyone knows very well that cakes and pastries or, for example, a heavy dinner is fraught with an extra couple of pounds. But that’s half the trouble. It turns out that gluttony and an excess of ├ęclairs in the menu threaten us with premature aging. What should we do? Change your eating habits.

Love the Spices

Spicy food promotes the production of endorphins, like it does gambling at a trusted casino or working out. It’s also a natural antibiotic, an energizer for our metabolism and a fat burner. Green spices often contain antioxidants, the same ones that help the body fight premature aging. And to wrap it up, spices regulate blood sugar levels, improve digestion, and prevent inflammation. Of course, all this works only if you have no medical contraindications.

Spice up your dishes with chili or cayenne pepper – they contain appetite suppressant capsaicin. Anise and badian solve intestinal problems, bay leaf and cloves improve blood circulation, ginger and garlic promote weight loss, and cinnamon helps fight cravings.

Don’t Overeat

The stomach should be filled to only 80%, which means that you need to be a bit hungry after eating. An old method advises correlating the portion size with the size of your palm – then you are sure not to eat too much. Another way to control the amount of food is to eat slowly, chewing every bite thoroughly. When we sweep away from the table everything at hand on the run, satiation comes later, and we do not notice how we overeat.

There is still debate about the benefits of snacking. On the one hand, snacks satisfy our hunger between meals, and therefore help us not to overeat. On the other hand, if your snack menu includes cookies, candy, hamburgers and French fries, over the years you can safely count on diabetes. 

Maintain Water Balance

If the body chronically lacks moisture, it won’t take long before the consequences: the blood will become more viscous and the delivery of nutrients will be impaired. The skin also moisturizes from inside: without water it loses tone, becomes dull and dry and wrinkles appear more active.

Of course, it’s unnecessary to drink 8 glasses of water because hyperhydration is a serious thing. But it’s worth reconsidering your usual schedule, for instance, to refuse drinking sodas and packaged juices, and to start the day with a glass of warm alkaline water. Most of the foods in our normal diet acidify the body. As a result, the blood is less able to deliver oxygen and a lot of valuable resources are wasted to eliminate acidic residues.

Variety Is the Key to Success

Popular mono diets have a significant disadvantage. Suppose you decide to eat only fruit – then the body will be deprived of fats and proteins, which it also needs.

Make the menu as varied as possible: vegetables, fruits, root vegetables, berries, herbs, meat and fish must be on the table. The monotony of food today – demineralization and avitaminosis in the future. By the way, whole and the least processed foods are best digested. 

Give up Sugar

By gorging on desserts, you stimulate glycation, the bonding of collagen fibers with glucose. It’s a natural process that kicks in as we age; we can’t stop it, but we can speed it up with the wrong foods. Don’t get into the mechanics, just remember that every doughnut brings you closer to more wrinkles and pigmentation.

To reduce the rate of glycation, reduce the amount of sugar in your daily menu, enrich your diet with foods with coenzyme Q10 (spinach, salmon, trout, salmon, beef). Another effective method is to increase physical activity.