Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis-Infused Drinks

All the myths revolving around cannabis have taken a back seat with its medicinal values coming more into focus. Legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana in some states of the U.S and in Canada has awoken the green revolution. People are eager to try out this feeling of elation. But not everyone likes the idea of smoking or vaping cannabis.

Thankfully, there are alternatives to smoking. You can have a taste of cannabis with edibles, which are covering a large section of the cannabis industry today. Cannabis edibles can be either cannabis-infused drinks or food. Oil and butter are infused via an infusion machine like Levo II.

Here, we are going to cover more on the cannabis-infused drinks sector.

Composition of Cannabis Drinks

Cannabis-infused drinks contain cannabidiol (CBD) which does not have a psychoactive effect or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which can get you high or even both. Producers are infusing CBD into almost every other drink viewing the surge of interest and relaxation of regulations. Cannabis drinks also include some amount of terpenes, which give that aromatic essence to manage the bitter taste accompanying such drinks. The full spectrum CBD extracted from cannabis seeds is bitter in taste which is why cannabis infusion preferably is selective to be compatible with the different flavors. There are also other ways to manage this naturally occurring taste. Also, I’d like to recommend to you this short-list of the most trusted online cannabis seed banks that you can feel comfortable ordering from.

Types of Cannabis-Infused Drinks

Cannabis drinks can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic; the former is still undergoing some limitations in terms of sales and legality. According to Zion Market Research, type analysis for the global cannabis beverage market includes alcoholic (beers, spirits, and wines) and non-alcoholic (coffee, tea, soda, elixirs, etc.) drinks. Let’s look into some popular choices…

Cannabis-Infused Beer

The buzz around cannabis-infused beer is quite real with some renowned companies trying their hands on this type of infusion. Blue moon inventor, Keith Villa, is experimenting with producing non-alcoholic cannabis-infused beer in Colorado. The CBD compound of the cannabis sativa or Indica plant is widely going through experiments more than THC, due to its non-psychoactive effects and therapeutic benefits.

Cannabis Tea/Coffee   

Tea can be compatible allowing different flavors to merge with the dry leaves. Additionally, cannabis tea also provides certain health benefits.

Even coffee can blend well with cannabis. You need to find the right strain that can flatter the taste of the coffee. These are the easiest way to consume cannabis at home.  

Cannabis Cocktails

The infusion of cannabis and alcohol is still under scrutiny. Nevertheless, this combination is quite in demand among cannabis lovers. Recreational use of cannabis at the regional level has allowed the serving of cannabis cocktails in certain bars. They generally use the CBD compound for the blend.   

Cannabis Soda  

Unlike the above types, cannabis soda is an alternative for those who choose to avoid getting high. Mixing cannabis soda with different flavors (lemon, citrus, melon, etc.) can do the buzz for you. For instance, Sprig soda which is a CBD-infused drink does not contain THC and works as a substitute for beer.   

Why Are These Drinks Gaining Popularity?

The CBD is preferably used in drinks or beverages as it does not contain psychoactive properties, unlike THC. These drinks may not make you easily high but they can give some relaxation by working as an anti-anxiety, pain relief medicine. High-quality CBD oil and microdosing psychedelics can deliver immense benefits to the human body. It improves mood disorders, curbs inflammation, and treats epilepsy and autism spectrum disorder. Consuming cannabis as a drink is also judicious in social circumstances. The hype around these benefits is making people willing to spend some extra dollars for just a few drops of CBD in their drinks.   

Accessibility of Cannabis Drinks

Are cannabis drinks easily accessible? Well, the scenario is not yet convenient for these drinks to be easily available in supermarkets or liquor stores. Only authorized sellers with a license may sell cannabis-infused drinks and beverages. Recreational and medical cannabis is available in regulated weed stores, like online dispensary Canada. If you are finding it hard to access CBD-laced drinks and foods, then buy CBD oil from a reputable brand. You can just add a few drops of the oil to get your desired effects.    

 Regulations of Usage

Legalization of cannabis has just begun and studies on its proper usage and combination with alcohol are still undergoing analysis. We all have a general idea that both are easy intoxicants. Alcohol can get you drunk easily and even if the amount of CBD or THC is barely traceable, infusing both needs to be done under strict guidelines.

The Canadian government introduced certain regulations wherein cannabis-infused drinks containing alcohol either will be prohibited or will be allowed with the lowest level of alcohol content. Even the packaging and labeling of such products will not include the brand name.

Safety requirements are in the testing stage and so there cannot be claims of accurate usage. Keeping the regulations aside, cannabis-infused drinks are the favorite and highly preferable method of experiencing cannabis. You can conveniently prepare your own cannabis drink at home. The only implication would be to start with a very minimum dosage to understand your metabolism.