Fancy Wine Pairings Lazy People Will Love

Nothing goes better with wine than food. And vice versa! In an article over at MentalFloss, they asked a couple of Californian winemakers to share their favourite no-frills pairings anyone can do at home. All you need to begin is access to a decent wine store and your local corner store.

Cheese Curls with Cheap Red Wine

Take a super easy-drinking everyday red and a packed of cheese puffs. Two simple and inexpensive products paired to perfection!

cheetos e1467656206386 Fancy Wine Pairings Lazy People Will Love

Grilled cheese and tomato sandwich with Cabernet Franc

A Cabernet Franc tends to be lighter than a Bordeaux style red. This makes a Cab Franc perfect for pairing with vegetarian dishes. The cultivars low tannins and bright fruit wine make it a nice match for anything tomato, which tends to be a tough pairing because of its acidity.

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Garage Pie with Zinfandel

Before you rush to your local gas station, remember that nothing comes close to the original Mama’s Pies. Now that we’ve got that covered; full-bodied red Zinfandels are full of spice and can stand up to intense flavours of any pie.

pie e1467656507480 Fancy Wine Pairings Lazy People Will Love

Vanilla Icecream with Semillion

Before you pull your nose up, we are taking about the Late Harvest version. The honey and pear notes in this sweet wine treat blend perfectly with ice cream—so much so, in fact, that the truly lazy can pour the wine on the ice cream!

bourbon vanilla 700 Fancy Wine Pairings Lazy People Will Love