How to Drink Scotch Like Anthony Bourdain

The Parts Unknown host/In-N-Out fanboy was in town talking dark liquor and Jumbo’s Clown Room.

In the smoky spirits world, scotch may have recently taken a back seat to mezcal, but that hasn’t stopped Parts Unknown star and noted Guy Fieri nemesis Anthony Bourdain from jumping into the scotch content game. He’s teaming up with Scotch distillery Balvenie on a new web series called Raw Craft where he drinks and learns about the whiskey making trade and then proceeds to drink some more. We sat down with him to get some tips about dark liquor and other shenanigans:

How to Take It

“Depending on how good it is—if it’s really really really good, I’ll go neat,” Bourdain said. “Every once in a while, even with a pretty good or a very good scotch maybe one ice cube. I know they wince in Scotland when I do that, but I like it like that some times depending on how I’m feeling.”

What to Eat with It

“Look I like good game, you know, good braised or slow cooked game is really good,” Bourdain said of pairing food and scotch. “Venison, grouse, good stinky cheese, like a good bleu cheese.”

Hangover Cure

“I have a universal hangover cure, but spicy leftover Chinese food, Szechuan food would be a good meal,” Bourdain said on recovering from a post-scotch binge.