Is It Safe to Vape CBD and Drink Alcohol?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the trending substance in many countries because of its therapeutic effect. The compound is known to have healing properties against diseases like cancer, Alzheimer, and Parkinson’s. In addition, it is proven to be a medication for stress, headache, lack of appetite, restlessness, depression, etc. Thus, many people are exploring the benefits of combining alcohol with vaping CBD. 

The combination comes with risks, and there are potential things to consider before mixing them. Alcohol and CBD stimulate the body in different ways. In this post, we’ll dive deep into why you should think twice before consuming both CBD and alcohol simultaneously. We’ll explore current scientific research about this combination and discuss safe alternatives that may provide similar therapeutic effects without any added dangers.

Mixing CBD and Alcohol – The Pros and Cons

Currently, no sufficient research focuses on the effect of mixing the two substances, and most are conducted on lab rats. The upside is that investments have been made to research more on the benefits of combining alcohol and CBD. However, the downside of combining these substances that have been discovered varies among individuals. 

The individual body difference makes it hard to determine the precise effect of mixing CBD with alcohol. Moreover, current and ongoing research focuses on the effect of vaping CBD with quality vaporizers from and consuming a high quantity of alcohol rather than the effect of moderate drinking and vaping CBD. 

Current research has not focused on the effect of mixing them moderately. To that effect, there is no paper on the safety of combining both substances moderately. Therefore, to err on the side of caution, stay away from consuming high amounts of alcohol with vape CBD, especially if you are on medication or have a preexisting condition. 

The Effects of CBD and Alcohol on the Body

Vaping CBD and alcohol have depressant, numbing, sedative, and relaxing effects on the body. These stimulating effects can be increasingly altered when both are mixed. Mixing these compounds reduces motor coordination, inhibition, and control. 

Alcohol slows brain function by stimulating the nervous system like a tranquilizer, anesthetic, or sleeping pill. The upside is that it increases social interaction, but the downside, it affects cognitive function and neurodegeneration. Thus, combining it with CBD reduces the alcohol level in the blood and reduces damage to brain cells and organs. 

CBD increases alcohol intake but has no adverse effect on cognitive and motor skills. CBD, when mixed with alcohol, reacts like a depressant. In addition, many studies have concluded that vaping CBD reduces liver inflammation by increasing the metabolism of alcohol. 

How To Vape CBD Safely While Drinking Alcohol

Everything increases in dose after prolonged use. The more alcohol you consume, the more CBD you’ll crave. The more you consume the mixture, the greater the effect on your nervous system. It will significantly affect control, coordination, inhibition, and other movements. 

The toxication will also affect your drunk personality – a happy drunk with CBD becomes happier, but an angry drunk with CBD becomes angrier. Sadly, experts are yet to agree on the effect of combining these substances. So, it is best to take them moderately and remember to start with smaller doses.

Tips for Avoiding Negative Interactions Between CBD and Alcohol

The fact is that cannabidiol interacts with alcohol by increasing the intensity. You may also feel anxious; therefore, 

  • Be careful of the quantity you consume; 
  • Avoid combining alcohol and CBD; 
  • Be aware of the adverse effect;
  • Start with smaller doses for the experimental phase;
  • Drink moderately to avoid drowsiness and sedation;
  • Drink enough water to decrease the effect;
  • Seek professional help.

What To Do if You Experience Adverse Effects From Mixing CBD and Alcohol

Generally, alcohol has adverse effects on the nervous system by affecting motor coordination and mental function. Likewise, taking a high amount and vaping CBD  has adverse effects which have not been proven yet. But if you feel weird or drowsy, here are some tips for medicating yourself.

  • Stop or avoid taking the combination or any of the substance;
  • Drink water;
  • Sleep; 
  • Eat but don’t rush or force;
  • Take a shower;
  • Go for a walk or ask a friend to walk you home if you can’t;
  • Call a health practitioner;
  • Relax and watch a movie.