Leonardo DiCaprio’s drinking rules

Leonardo DiCaprio has set himself a three-drink maximum at the Golden Globes.

The actor has been attending both the Academy Awards and the Globes for decades.

According to Leo, the fact that there is an open bar at the Globes makes it much easier to handle.

“It’s a much more calm atmosphere. Everyone has a drink at their table, we’re eating, we’re all socializing, we’re not sitting in an auditorium,” he told MTV News. “It’s a lot more relaxed and a lot more fun.”

Despite the pleasure of an open bar, the star warns against drinking too much. The 39-year-old says having one too many could lead to some embarrassment onstage.

“You don’t want to go above three,” he explained. “Two takes the edge off; three, you’re going up onstage and doing something silly.”

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