Make your own Alcoholic pineapple brew

House party coming up? Why not try brewing your own alcoholic pineapple punch? All you need is a container, sugar, water and of cause a pineapple or two, depending on the size of the bash.

Step 1
Skin the one pineapple and place the skins in the container.

Step 2
Add 1.5  liter of water to your pineapple skins. If you have more than one pineapple add 1.5 liter per pineapple.

Step 3
Add 3 cups of sugar to your pineapple skins and water. Seal your container and place underneath your sink or somewhere out of site for 7 days.

Step 4
When you are done fermenting the pineapple skins strain the skins and pieces and presto!  You have a refreshing fermented pineapple drink!   Add water or ice to taste.

Voila, bring on summer!

Avoid letting it sit over 2 weeks it may leak.