New Trends In Alcoholic Drinks For The Celebration Wedding

According to a recent survey done by Easy Weddings magazine, 80% of couples buy alcoholic drinks for their wedding, and Champagne is still the most popular option for the toasts. 50% of wedding guests will drink beer and 30% will drink wine. There has been a big trend, however, in couples choosing signature drinks and cocktails for their wedding – it is a way of personalizing their big day. It is also popular to pick drinks that have been favorites throughout a couple’s relationship or to tie in with the story of their engagement. Generic beer brands are out of fashion at weddings, and instead, unique alcoholic drinks are a part of the celebration. 

Signature Cocktails

Couples are always looking for ways to make their wedding and engagement celebrations personal and unique. Designing your own rings is a way to put a personal touch on your union together. You can choose rings that are true to your own style aesthetic from vintage to super modern. The same can be said of choosing a signature cocktail for your wedding. Some couples go for a classic twist on a mojito or a margarita or have special glasses engraved for their guests to take home after the wedding. It is also popular to invent a completely new cocktail, with many couples taking cocktail-making classes or hiring a mixologist. A signature cocktail is also something that couples can also recreate on anniversaries to always remind them of their big day. 

Craft Beer Bars

With 50% of wedding guests enjoying a beer, it has become popular for couples to hire a specialist craft beer bar, complete with kegs for their celebration. A beer bar can give guests a choice of different ales, stouts, and IPAs, and they can help themselves without needing servers. Offering craft beers with a range of different percentages is also popular so that guests can keep track of what they are drinking throughout the day. Many couples also choose to have a brewery make a special beer for their wedding, and bottle it with unique labels showing the dates of their celebration – these bottles of beer are perfect for wedding favors.

Prosecco and sparkling wine

According to research done by the Prosecco DOC Consortium, Prosecco is now far more popular than Champagne, with a 19% increase in consumption over the past year – in fact, America actually consumes 25% of all Prosecco produced in Italy. Prosecco has become increasingly popular for wedding toasts as a more affordable (but equally delicious) alternative to Champagne. You will also find delicate Prosecco shots being served at wedding celebrations. These can be decorated with seasonal fruits and flowers, or mixed with fresh fruit syrups as a sweet summer drink. Local sparkling wine is another popular option for wedding toasts, and far more sustainable than importing Champagne from France. 

Alcoholic drinks and weddings go hand-in-hand and still remain popular at weddings. Cocktails and beers have now become a great way for couples to personalize their big day, making it a unique celebration.