Older People More Immune To Alcoholic Hangovers, Study Finds

Like a good whiskey, aging improves a drinker with time, as getting older may prevent the physical and existential pain of the hangover. 

large study of Danes found that drinkers aged 60 and older experience fewer and gentler symptoms of hangovers following a drinking binge, suggesting that the malady fades with age.

But whether older people were simply more adept with avoiding the pain or whether they might develop a greater tolerance, the study did not confirm. A confluence of factors may influence one’s perception of life the day following a night of excess.

The study results say more about the effects of drinking alcohol over a lifetime, according to Richard Stephens, a psychologist at Keele University in the UK. Previous work has shown a positive relationship between the severity of the hangovers and developing alcoholism later. This relationship could be explained by a drinker’s urge to soothe the pain of a hangover with a few drinks in the morning, seeking a softer landing into sobriety.

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