Packaging Spotlight: Bokmakierie Craft Beer

Graphic Design student Louisa van der Walt received a brief to create a label for the Bokmakierie craft beer brand. This is what she came up with. Pretty awesome, right?

Design a brand, bottle label, packaging and promotional items for a new craft beer aimed at a sophisticated niche market.

When work is done, party cats go out to play!

Bokmakierie is a craft beer especially for young professional women. The target market works hard and want to relax with friends to unwind. It is a playful beer full of ‘kattekwaad’ (mischief). The slogan reads: ‘Elke diertjie het sy plesiertjie’ (everyone finds her own amusement). The beer can be bought in a easy to carry three-pack. The bottles have a matt finish with gloss detail that is echoed in printing finishes of the secondary packaging and collateral.