Packaging Spotlight: Reyka Vodka from Iceland

A product of Borganes, a small village steeped in Viking history, this award-winning vodka is hand crafted in small batches in Iceland’s first vodka distillery. Created with some of the world’s most naturally pure water, and filtered through lava rocks, Reyka is a genuine product of its Icelandic environment.

Reyka Vodka became available in South Africa for the first time in September 2017 and reviews on the spirit have been favourable. Apart from its smooth taste and silky finish, Reyka’s bottle design is striking on the eye.

The concept behind it? Each limited batch is made using a rare carter head still, a handmade process that inspired the tactile nature of the vodka’s packaging.

The design uses embossing, tax strips and tactile paper stocks to highlight the craftsmanship in making this vodka. The label reflects a series of icons that tell the story of the vodka-making process to help differentiate this more artisan product from its mass-produced competitors.

Reyka Vodka is as unique and unconventional as the land of of fire and ice that inspires it. Bottled at 43% ABV, RRSP R299.95.