Popular Tea Brands Found to Contain Illegal Amounts of Harmful Toxins

Tea is often touted as being among the healthiest sources of caffeine, with less heath risks than coffee, soda, and energy drinks. But it’s important to remember that not all tea brands are created equal. In fact, conventional brands are ridden with high levels of toxic substances like fluoride and pesticides. So while you scour the tea section at your local market looking for a good deal, it’s important to remember quality over quantity, since the levels of these toxins found in many of the cheaper brands are believed to be dangerously high.

Tea Is Widely Popular

According to The Tea Association of the U.S.A., tea is consumed by about half of the American population. It is thought that, because more than 5,000 studies have been done on the health benefits of tea — including its ability to keep chronic illnesses and diseases at bay, thanks to its antioxidants — that the medical appraisal has increased its supermarket sales. But the irony is, while it’s being even more popularized for its health benefits, many teas contain ingredients that the health-conscious need to be aware of before making their next purchase.

How Fluoride and Pesticides Ruin Your Tea

Since most tea isn’t washed before being put into bags, if the tea was sprayed with pesticides, you will find yourself drinking them up in your cup.

Many tea brands use terms like “natural flavours” to allure consumers into buying their products, as they believe they are buying a product with cleaner ingredients than other non-organic options on the market. But numerous non-organic brands have known carcinogenic pesticides in them, and those “natural flavours” could indicate a slew of things that have nothing to do with being clean or healthy.

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