Prepare your palates for the first wine bottles with a real twist off cork stopper

After the introduction of screw top wine bottles, the cork industry went into a nosedive. 

But now it’s fighting back – and there’s a twist in the tale … quite literally. Bosses have invented a twist-off cork stopper.

The ‘Helix’ cork combines the tradition of cork and the convenience of screw cap – and means a bottle of wine can be easily re-sealed, so preventing it from going off.

The ‘twist and pop’ cork is the brainchild of Portuguese cork manufacturer Amorim, which has worked with the Adega Vila Real winery and the Co-op.

Portugal’s cork forests are recognised as one of the world’s most precious nature areas.

However, the entire wine cork industry and the forests have been threatened by the rise of metal screw caps.

The country’s natural cork answer to the metal rival has taken four years to develop and ensure it is easy to use.

The Helix cork is shaped with a thread which means it is released from the mouth of the specially designed bottle when twisted and will simply screw back on to keep the wine fresh.

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