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Strongbow Fans Flocking For Dark Fruit Tattoos – And Cider Giant Issues Epic Reward

LEGIONS of Strongbow Dark Fruit fans have taken their love of...


Mayonnaise Ice Cream Is Dividing The Internet

GONE are the days of simply vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream with inventors creating enough flavours to suit even the fussiest frozen dessert fan. But now a British ice cream shop has com


Strongbow Launch New Dark Fruit Flavoured Cider Ice Cream

STRONGBOW have created a new cider ice cream and customers are swooning over the summer treat.


Some Wetherspoons Run Out Of Draught John Smith’s And Strongbow Cider Amid Co2 Crisis

The chain says a number of its pubs do not currently have John Smith's or Strongbow cider because of the carbon dioxide shortage.


The Great North Wales World Cup Beer Shortage Looms

Some pubs are down to their last bottle of CO2, which is affecting their ability to serve draught beer and pop


Edie Review – The Height Of Tedium

A mountaineering drama in which Sheila Hancock strikes up an unlikely friendship with a young man lacks chemistry


Mtv Sets Up ?re-freshers Week? Reality Series With Strongbow Cider

Strongbow and MTV have commissioned a reality show that will transport participants back to the glory days of being a fresher. In addition to the TV show, s


Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski Has A Very Controversial Go-to Snack

Antoni Porowski is a "cheese freak" and he doesn't care who knows it.


If You Go Down To The Nature Park Today…

West Yorkshire Police have been boasting online about a drugs bust on their patch. It is nice that they have the time to have a social media presence.


Scotland Awaits Minimum Alcohol Pricing With Mixed Emotions

Effect will be noticeable at the till on 1 May, but some question if policy will help prime target

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