Speyside producer Benriach has created a whisky made entirely from barley malted at its floor maltings ? the first bottling of the sort from the distillery in a century


Whisky columnist Brian Townsend takes a look at some of the peatiest expressions to hit the shelves. The whisky industry?s growing fascination for peat


Ticking off an item on her 2021 bucket list, Karla Sinclair ventured to her first Scottish distillery - Benriach Distillery in Speyside.


We review BenRiach The Thirty, a worthy addition to the refreshed range from this historic Speyside distillery. It features ex-bourbon, Sherry, Port, and virgin oak casks.


We review BenRiach The Twenty One and BenRiach The Twenty Five, two revamped single malts from this resurgent Speyside distillery. Both feature BenRiach's uniquely eclectic approach to cask finishing.


Benriach Distillery recently announced the release of Benriach Cask Edition Collection 2021, which contains 19 premium expressions, each crafted individually.


Benriach distillery has launched its new range of whiskies, which comes in a new packaging that harks back to the first Benriach Single Malt released over two decades ago


Benriach Distillery, the Elgin, Scotland-based makers of single malts that's owned by Brown-Forman, recently released Smoke Season, a small batch expression cooked up by their master blender Dr. Rache


Smoky whiskies all over Scotland, and a new addition is Smoke Season, the most heavily peated single malt by Speyside distillery Benriach


Scotland's Benriach distillery offers up for consideration 21-, 25- and 30-year-old Scotch single malts that have been aged in a range of cask types.