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Wtf: Ist Das Der Stärkste Gin Der Welt?

Würdet ihr ihn trinken?! Kaum ein alkoholisches Getränk hat sich in den letzten Jahren so sehr zum angesagten Szene-Drink gemausert wie Gin. Mittlerwe...


11 Great New British Gins To Try This Year

There's an Apple Caramel Gin in here, guys.


Call To Nominate Young People For Scotland Food And Drink Awards

ORGANISERS of the Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Awards are calling for nominations for its Young Talent award.


Twin River Distillery’s Twin River Naked Uncut Gin

Twin River Distillery has released what it claims is the strongest gin in the world.


How The Strongest Gin In The World Is Saving Water In Cape Town

Tipplers in the drought-stricken city of Cape Town will now have an opportunity to play a role in helping to conserve water with the introduction of what is being hailed as the world?s strongest gin.


Scottish Gin Launches With ?horsey? Twist

Gin brand Ginkhana has launched its inaugural small-batch expression, which has been developed to appeal to equestrian fans around the UK


Scottish Distillery Creates The Worlds Strongest Gin

A Scottish distillery has created the officially world’s strongest gin, with 77 per cent alcohol by volume. Created by Twin River Distillery, in Banchory, Aberdeenshire, a limited run of just 10


This Distillery Has Created The World’s Strongest Gin

A Scottish distillery has created the world?s strongest gin ? with an incredible 77 percent of alcohol by volume. Twin River Distillery, in Banchory, Aberdeenshire, created a limited ru…

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