Quick Facts About Craft Tequila

Tequila sales are on the up across the globe. Consumers are not only thirsty for craft tequila, they also want more information about the spirit.

Here are 4 important facts about craft tequila that you need to know…

1) The Category Repositioned Itself as Affordable

Most people with a bad opinion of tequila think of it as the cheap stuff at hazy college parties. That’s right, consumers still fear the deadly stuff they guzzled as undergraduates. There’s another reason why craft tequilas were off people’s radars: their prices. About seven years ago, tequila realized it was too expensive for people to buy, so you saw prices drop quite a bit. Take Tequila Espolon. For some time the brand maintained premium prices. Then it disappeared for a while and reemerged with SRP’s closed to $22. Now it’s a brand with staying power.’

2) Tequila is not only for Whiskey Drinkers

Some liquor expert once said” “Every whiskey drinker is a tequila drinker — they just don’t know it yet.” His point is valid. The bourbon barrel-aged añejo tequilas, as golden in color as some whiskeys, display the same smooth vanilla oak notes that delight whiskey drinkers. But there’s something to be said of the blancos and repos of the world. These unaged or barely-aged tequilas, spending at most a matter of months in barrels, retain the sharp grassy flavors of tequila proper. If you like a spirit with bite, go for younger tequila. If you like bourbon of Scotch, reach for the añejo. Tequila has something for everyone.

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