Say Hello to Your New Favorite Drink: Fruit-Infused Tequila

So you drank a little too much tequila…we’ve all been there, and it usually takes us years before we want to try it again! I’ll admit it, that was me. The problem was that my first experience with tequila was back in college – as you can imagine, everyone was drinking shots of cheap tequila. First off, be sure to drink in moderation, and secondly, drink quality tequila.

My advice for anyone who wants to drink tequila is never to buy tequila that’s not labeled 100% agave. This is a spirit made entirely from the agave plant. I don’t understand why people choose to make cocktails with cheap tequila. I promise you, it’s just not worth the hangover.

If you want to dabble in some quality tequila cocktails, I’d also recommend infusing the tequila with your favorite fruits, berries, citrus, herbs, and even chiles. Infused tequila is a fun, creative, inexpensive way to savor tequila and adds such an amazing flavor to drinks!

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