Teenager creates new alcohol free gin

A teenager living in Northern Ireland has created alcohol-free gin, after being given free rein to create the ‘spirit’ at her parent’s distillery as part of her Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Hana Hughes, a 16-year-old from Dromore, came up with the idea for the sugar and calorie-free ‘Driver’s Gin’ after reading a list of options for learning a new skill as part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.

“I was initially surprised to see brewing and winemaking as suggestions,” she said.

“I knew the resources available to me at my parent’s distillery were unique and I set myself a challenge to learn how to distil a non-alcoholic gin.”

Hana created the gin at her family’s craft distillery in Moira, Co Down. The drink is sugar and calorie free.

She said: “I came up with two recipes, my first was very similar to a classic gin recipe but the second was my own recipe of botanicals, strong juniper, coriander, black peppercorns, cubeb’s and sweet orange.

“When I had finished distilling the recipes I measured the alcohol and they were both 0%ABV. I had to ask for help from people who like the taste of gin and I was relieved and really happy when they said my recipe tasted great.”

Hana’s drink has been so well-received that it has been made available in her family’s gastropub in Moira.

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