The Beer Can Cannon, Cause Sometimes You Need To Fire Off Some Cans

The Can Cannon is a 100% legal soda can launcher for your AR-15 / M16 rifle. The Can Cannon is perfect for launching soda cans and other similarly sized objects such as tennis balls, paint cans, t-shirts, or the X Products Grappling Hook

The Can Cannon is a patent-pending launching device for soda cans and other heavy, thin-walled objects. A proprietary gas ported barrel and pressure tube reduce the exposure to high-pressure gasses which could destroy relatively delicate projectiles. The Can Cannon is currently configured for launching full, un-opened 12oz soda cans. When used with standard mil-spec blanks and fired at an optimum angle it can reach an average distance of 105 yards!

Why launch soda cans instead of drinking them? Because you can!

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