The Cenosilicaphobic Cat Is A Wine Named After A Feline Called Non-Alcoholic Booze

For humans who love the finer things in life, like cats and wine!

Produced by the Osborn family from d’Arenberg in Australia. The story of the Cenosilicaphobic Cat is as follows:

As a child, Chester had a cat named Non-Alcoholic Booze, which the family shortened to Booze when they discovered that he enjoyed red wine. The concerned Osborn family refused to let him drink it, so consequently, Booze lived a frustrating life, suffering from a monumental case of Cenosilicaphobia (the fear of an empty glass).

The Cenosilicaphobic Cat is not the only wine taking inspiration from a cat. The Athazagoraphobic Cat has a spinning cylindrical wine label featuring a walking cat.

The d’Arenberg Cube offer an ultimate winery experience Downunder. The building is inspired by the complexities and puzzles of winemaking. Visitors can enjoy a wine tasting with a view at the tasting room Cube on the top floor or explore a surrealist exhibition and sale featuring 25 authentic bronze sculptures and graphic artworks of Salvador Dali, who is well known for his three flying cats.