This Horror-themed Pop-up Bar Is Serving Cocktails Made With Pig’s Blood

A new horror-themed pop-up bar is coming to London this weekend and is offering their guests cocktails made with real blood.

The Safe House, a bar inspired by the Resident Evil 2 video game, will open for two days on the South Bank, from January 25-26. 

In the experience, the bar is found in the centre of a post-apocalyptic Raccoon City – a fictional city found in the Midwestern United States – where residents are infected by a “T-virus”.

Londoners will only be able to rid themselves of the virus after exploring the derelict Raccoon City police department and drinking a “real-blood antidote”, which is served as a cocktail. The drink mixes dried pig’s blood with Plymouth sloe gin, Campari, Martini rosso and grenadine.

A representative for the publicity stunt told the Standard: “The blood in the recipe is ethically sourced pig’s blood from a reputable wholesaler. It is entirely safe for human consumption and used across the food industry for items such as Black Pudding.” 

As well as the blood cocktail, the bar will also serve more traditional cocktails, wine, branded Racoon City beer and food “rations”.