This Vodka Is Made From Old Bread, Cupcakes, and Donuts

One man’s trash is another man’s…vodka?

“When we first came up with this idea, no one thought it was a good one.” That’s how Sam Chereskin, the co-owner of Misadventure and Company, describes the initial steps of creating his unusual, but er…unique brand of recycled vodka.

And while “recycling vodka” kind of sounds like what you do when you get sick from drinking too much vodka, here it refers to vodka that’s actually made out of recycled materials. And in this case recycled materials = old, stale bread and baked goods.

According to GrubStreet, Chereskin and his partner Whit Rigali decided to put “vodka’s charcoal filtration process to the test” when they came up with the idea to use the ingredients and waste that food banks couldn’t serve to distill and create their own vodka. After a bit of experimenting—namely figuring out the finer points of distilling with old Twinkies—the pair was able to get their business not only off the ground, but running full sprint. Now, Chereskin and Rigali are able to turn weekly shipments of unusable products from local food banks in San Diego into an environmentally friendly and delicious vodka. Win-win!