Top 5 Restaurants In Tanzania 

Tanzania is a marvellous vacation spot due to its privileged location, with the ocean on its east coast and the gorgeous Mount Kilimanjaro on the other side. Locals are welcoming, and you can find a mixture of food, cultures, and friendliness. The main cities of Zanzibar, Dodoma, Dar es Salaams and Moshi are the most popular among tourists. In other words, most restaurants are located here as they attract international visitors. Tanzania offers an array of dishes, from steaks and burgers to local seafood and Indian cuisine. Tanzania has it all.  

In addition, you will always feel at home at every restaurant you decide to try. Don’t forget to try local drinks at the beach cafés and bars. Explore the top 5 restaurants in Tanzania. 

Samaki Samaki

Located in Mlimani Shopping Center in Dar es Salaam, the beautiful outlet combines funky music with delicious food. The overall atmosphere will make you want to spend a few hours here. It’s a perfect spot for an outing with friends. The restaurant is specialized in seafood, so start thinking about the dishes you want to try. The inside decoration is eclectic with a jungle feeling. Locals and tourists visit the restaurant regularly due to its excellent service and delicious dishes.  


It isn’t difficult to find Indian restaurants in Tanzania due to the large Indian migrant population. However, finding a tasty Indian restaurant is quite hard. Chowpatty is one of the few options that offer an Indian chaat experience. Try the classic Chola Bhatura or butter naan with curry. Vegetarians love the options you can find here. Also, you don’t need a massive budget to enjoy this delicious food. It’s located in Kisutu Street in Dar es Salaam.  


Lustania offers the tastiest seafood in the Zanzibar area. Locals and visitors adore this place due to the affordable prices and delicious dishes. Imagine the platters filled with oysters, crabs, prawns, fish, and octopus. The restaurant offers three different menus with varying prices. In other words, you have a vast selection of dishes prepared with local species. The location is next to the beach, which provides a serene atmosphere. Also, order the chapati that will remind you of Indian bread. The exact location is Mwubwe Village in Jambiani.

Karambezi Café

This café is located inside a hotel and faces the sea, which provides the perfect view for your incredible holiday in Tanzania. The hotel is built on top of a cliff (its name is Sea Cliff Hotel) and offers nights with balmy sea air and tasty food. Order a seafood platter or try the pizza. If you’re a bit tired, a coffee here can be the answer. Also, you can have some drinks with friends. The overall environment makes it one of the top restaurants in Msasani Peninsula, Dar es Salaam. The restaurant offers outdoor seating, views of the horizon, and delicious food. What else do you need?


Although the name suggests fusion cuisine, this isn’t exactly right. The restaurant offers Indian and Italian food separately. You will receive the best naan and daal and a different plate filled with meatball spaghetti. Also, try the chicken cooked in Indian styles, such as chicken tikka, butter chicken, and lemon chicken. There is also the chance to try steaks and burgers. It’s located in New Street, Moshi.  

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