When Bulletproof Coffee Meets Cannabutter

Stoned Citizens who swear by the ketogenic diet will be all too familiar with a cup of coffee served with a spoon of butter on the inside. Known as a bulletproof coffee, the drink is wildly popular in the low-carb, high-fat diet community, all thanks to its greasy content.

While some believe bulletproof coffee is a modern concoction, the high-calorie beverage has been consumed throughout history. The Sherpas of the Himalayas and the Gurage of Ethiopia have been drinking rich and creamy butter coffee and butter tea for hundreds of years.

Humans living in high altitude regions have been adding butter to their cup of Joe for an energy boost, as living and working in these areas increase calorie needs. Additionally, many Chinese citizens commonly drink tea made with yak butter. In Tibet, butter tea, or po cha, is a traditional beverage consumed on a daily basis by the Tibetan people.

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