Why Homemade Smoothies Are Better Than Those Off The Shelf

Homemade smoothies are healthier and cheaper than store-bought smoothies. Learn why you should make smoothies at home instead.

We get it! Your life is busy enough and grabbing a smoothie from a store on your way to work saves time. But many of those smoothies you buy from stores and some cafes are not healthy at all – even the really green ones. Instead, you should consider making homemade smoothies for better flavours and other benefits. Uncover the truth about shop-bought smoothies and why homemade is always better, right here!

Are Shop Bought Smoothies Healthy?

Smoothies were invented to be a healthy drink packed with vitamins. By simply blending fruits and adding natural yoghurts, you could create a tasty treat that is both refreshing and nourishing. The smoothie trend then started including vegetables to create super healthy smoothies. If you buy your smoothie at a café where they make them homemade and don’t add anything else, it’s probably good for you.

However, buying your smoothie in a store from a plastic bottle or carton isn’t typically as healthy. Manufacturers add lots of sugars, preservatives and artificial flavours to make them addictive while simultaneously losing their health benefits.

But, Won’t I Need to Buy a Blender?

Yes, to make smoothies at home you will need a blender and before you buy one you may want to consider a few things like the following: 

  • Size – Blenders vary in size from as small as 2 cups to as large as 14 cups
  • Speed – You want to have a variety of settings, at least 3
  • Power – The recommended min wattage is 500 watts

But you don’t have to buy the premium model out there and you can get some really great blenders at affordable prices. You can even find a Bennet Read Blender/Juicer at a really low price from the Makro offers online.  Don’t always go for the cheapest blender because it might not be able to crush frozen berries for those summer smoothies. 

And don’t worry about having to frequently wash your blender. The trick is to fill it with soapy water and turn it on for a minute or two until it’s squeaky clean again. Buying and maintaining a blender doesn’t have to be a chore!

The Benefits of Making Homemade Smoothies Instead

Once you buy a good blender, making smoothies at home is really easy and not as time-consuming as you may think. Plus, you can make smoothies in bigger batches on a weekend and keep them chilled or frozen to take with you during the working week.

Other benefits of making homemade smoothies are:

1. You can make them as healthy as you prefer. Choose all the ingredients you want and don’t want inside your smoothie to stick with a current weight-loss plan or diet.

2. Making smoothies at home will save you money. The price of one smoothie from a store or café can cost you more than it does to make a whole batch of smoothies at home.

3. Making your own smoothies allows you to choose the freshest fruits so you get a fuller and richer taste. Store smoothies usually include preservatives to stop the smoothy going bad, and you never know how old the fruit is that a café is using.

4. Get creative when making your own smoothies by coming up with different recipes and flavour combinations that you don’t find in the store.  

Homemade Smoothie Ideas to Get You Started

If you want to start making smoothies, the golden rule is to try and use flavours that are in season. Moreover, you might want to stick with the classic flavours to begin with, such as strawberry, banana and mango.

You might also want to try our popular Banana and Berry Collagen Breakfast Smoothie! It’s great for people who want lots of flavour and for those watching their weight.